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Welcome to the Dossia API Documentation

Dossia API Development Resources

Dossia OpenID Consumer Developer Guide - Dossia uses OpenID to enable shared identity with our ecosystem partners across web sites. Learn how to integrate with Dossia's OpenID server and create a single sign on user experience for your Dossia enabled application.
Dossia Application Programming Interface - The Dossia API allows client applications to securely read and update a Dossia participant's health data. Developers can read and write medications, allergies, immunizations and other XML document types.
Dossia Schemas - Dossia is dedicated to the secure exchange of personal health information. Dossia has consolidated the most popular industry standards and with input from our ecosystem partners, we have developed a comprehensive and flexible set of XML schemas.
Dossia OAuth Developer Guide - OAuth is an open protocol to allow secure API authorization in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications. Dossia uses the OAuth protocol for authenticating applications accessing Dossia API services.
Integrating with the Dossia User Interface - Dossia provides several integration opportunities for application providers such that our users will easily locate, learn about, and use your application. This document describes the integration locations in Dossia's user interface where you will need to provide icons, textual descriptions, and iFrame web pages for displaying your personal health application.


Getting Started

How to get started with Dossia's API:


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